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SEM-Tool will help you comprehend which suggest results are most popular on Bing

What exactly is suggest?

Besides Google there are numerous other search engines, such as Bing. Using our suggest scraping tool called KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) we interpret the suggest results that are derived from the autocomplete feature embedded in most modern search engines.

In many cases we use the term „suggest“ as if everybody knows exactly what we are talking about. Basically it is all about scanning the terms that appear as soon as you start to type something into the search form on search engine’s websites. Only do we not do this manually but automatically, namely by taking your search term and combining it with variations you can also chose (characters, numbers, both or none). Then we deliver a list of results from the suggest scan directly to you, the user.

Using Suggest scraping for keyword research

In modern times online marketing strategies should always be elaborate and well thought out. In the last years keyword research became a big part in preparing for content marketing or for launching a PPC campaign online.

By doing the right keyword research you ensure relevant and informative contents that are also readable and accessible for search engine robots. Besides satisfied human users you can provide information for search engines by writing structured and elaborate texts that can make it easier for Bing and co. to classify and sort websites into indices.

Bing – Microsoft’s search engine

Microsoft’s search engine was released in 2009 and is considered one of Google’s most important competitors ever since. Its reach is not perceived as wide as Google’s but its public regard is not to be underestimated.

As many search engines before – Microsoft’s search engine was called (Windows) Live Search or MSN Search in the beginning – Bing introduced many other services such as search for pictures, videos, news, maps and more. It is assumed that Bing holds a market share of about 19.8 % (in February 2015) and is considered the second largest search engine in the United States.

Bing is getting increasingly important since Microsoft implemented its so called “Smart search” which conducts searches directly from the Windows start screen.

Furthermore we should also acknowledge Bing’s instant answers that resemble Google’s Knowledge Graph as they deliver results depending on the form of the search query. If you enter mathematical equations such as “15*17” Bing will automatically calculate the outcome. Same goes for other commands that can be typed into the search form.

More than just Bing

KITT does not only provide you with results for Bing Suggest, but also for numerous other platforms that are equipped with an autocomplete feature. Depending on your account level you will be able to access even more sources.

Following you will find some other examples you can use for keyword research with KITT:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • DuckDuckGo
  • eBay
  • Google Play
  • Qwant
  • Wikipedia
  • WolframAlpha
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex

We support more than 25 languages in more than 10 different engines. Furthermore we supply a list for different variations, depending on which one you choose.

Even more futures are to be published: We are going to launch a Rank Tracker and detailed Potential Analysis soon.

Pro Features

And we are not finished yet! Register with a valid email address and use different features for even more interesting keyword inspirations.

We offer three different account level types:

First there is the free usage you already experienced: The user does not have an account; He can access three different sources, combine two of them and has 500 max results at his disposal. For keyword research purposes he can utilize the A-Z variation; results can be copied to clipboard.

Second there is the registered user, who has 1000 max results, 3 combinations, 2 variations and the sources Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Yandex at his disposal. Furthermore he will be able to export his findings as CSV and XLS files.

Subscription customers can access all sources, variations, 5000 max results and export variations. They will also be able to use the Pro Features which consist of display of Google Results and Rankings, Bing Results and Rankings, Related Terms, Position checking and multi keyword search.

Advantages when using KITT, the Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool

No need to say that you can take a deep insight into many different markets and platforms and use that information in your keyword research. Additionally you can gain knowledge about Ups and Downs and newest trends and currents. Take a closer look at the results: Suggest results are often generated from search queries which have been conducted multiple times in a time period.

In any case: KITT provides you with more than detailed insight and useful keyword inspirations that can be used as base for any kind of keyword research.


How can you use KITT in specific cases? Just imagine you want to improve your position in the Bing search index. Or maybe you want to create a PPC campaign with Microsoft’s own advertising platform called Bing Ads. In any case you will need a detailed keyword research to determine which keywords should be used, which can be ignored and which are probably too expensive to be utilized in a PPC campaign.

Since your ads are displayed based on what exactly the Bing user types into the search form you should make it your goal to identify the most relevant keywords for your target group. KITT can help you evaluate keywords that are potentially eligible for your strategy or product niche. Resulting in relevant ads and in conversion-optimized landing pages keyword research is a vital factor in advertising online.

Just enter a keyword, chose Bing and a variation (character combinations, numbers, both or none) and click the search button. Let us do the rest: We scan the suggest results and summarize the terms for you.

All that is left for you to do is assessing the tables and applying it to your considerations – and within a few minutes you can access thousands of inspirations and detailed insights into your respective keyword environment.

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