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WolframAlpha Keyword Tool – Suggest result scraping at its finest

Use suggest results as keyword inspiration and find out what users are really searching for on Wolfram Alpha


Before you take a leap into SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising) you will want to consider different sources and different keywords that should or should not be part of your online marketing strategy. Furthermore you will be wanting to avoid unnecessary impressions during PPC campaigns or potentially irrelevant positions in organic search indices. Or maybe you just want to gain a detailed insight into your recent market developments.

In any case: Your first step should consist of conducting a keyword research which helps you determine keywords that should be part of your setup or terms that may be too expensive to be advertised. You will also be able to take a look into recent trends and currents and into the combinations that have been rather popular lately.

To answer all these questions and more you should really take a look at our suggest data. What exactly we do and how our processes can mean advantageous gain of knowledge for your benefit – keep reading, because all of this will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

How to use KITT for Wolfram Alpha Suggest Scraping

So, what exactly can you use our KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) for and how does it work?

It’s hard to imagine, but it is true: KITT delivers hundreds of inspirations, indications and long tail terms that you may have not considered yet. Depending on source and variation that means possibly thousands of keywords left to be analyzed by you.

For our tables we use the so called suggest feature which competes your query with relevant combinational terms to redefine your entry and in turn to deliver more relevant search results.

So what exactly does KITT do? Basically we use the keyword you entered in our search form and type it into the platform search – only do we not do this manually but automatically. We then make use of the variation you chose to retrieve the recent combinations (such as “keyword +a”, “keyword +b” and so on). Then we scan the results to deliver them directly to you, our user.

What does that mean for you? Well, that means various inspirations and combinations for your keyword research – valuable data, no programming needed on your site of the screen. Just enter your keyword, choose a source and a variation and give us a moment to process your query. Depending on the number of sources and variations your query may take some time. Remember, the more sources and variations need to be processed, the more resources are required.

But we promise: It is worth the wait! Because we deliver high quality suggest results – fast, instant and freely available.

Enjoy using KITT – the Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool!

Wolfram Alpha – About

Wolfram Alpha can be used to retrieve information rather than – as we are used to from other search engines – websites and hyperlinks. The search engine displays their search results rather as a summary than as a list of results – aggregated and processed already.

You can find the platform online since 2005; in the past 6 years the developers have been working on a network of data curators who provide information in their respective areas.

The search engine can be considered different in more than one way: Wolfram Alpha places pro features at the user’s disposal, such as being able to upload different file formats and a plugin that increase the interaction with the website.

These processes result in lengthy loading, since the results are not simply being displayed but aggregated and processed to deliver the most relevant outcome as possible.

Therefore Wolfram Alpha can be considered a valuable data source – especially since the search engine calculates and processes data instead of just displaying hyperlinks. Note that because of these processes of working up the results most websites don’t even contain the exact information.


There is one major advantage for you: Versatile data originated from various sources using different variations that result in hundreds or even thousands of keywords. You do not only get to know what combinations are rather popular at the moment but also if there are current changes that can be displayed by the search engine’s suggest results.

Suggest has been an indicator for recent events in the past, be it the German federal president’s wife or general events of the day: The suggest algorithms are able to mirror recent currents and trends.

Next steps in KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool)

Up until here all the features have been absolutely free of charge, depending on your account type – we would not be the KITT-team, if we did not have a few more things to show you: Of course KITT is able to display even more sources, such as the platforms eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia and the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex und Qwant – the number of sources is depending on your account type.

Generally our mechanism is able to provide suggest data for every platform that uses a suggest or autocomplete feature. The process stays the same: Enter a keyword, choose a variation and a source and we will deliver suggest results and even more:

As registered user you will gain access to more than 900 max results, 3 engine combinations, 6 sources and 2 variations.

As subscription user you will be able to display search results in Google and Bing and the related terms.

So basically that means for you: Many sources, variations and languages empower you to analyze a huge data pool and provide you with all the ingredients for a proper keyword research.

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The full feature-set of very broad topics will produce thousands of suggestions and crawl as many search result pages for multiple engines. In that case it can take hours for the job to complete.

Nice-to-know: average jobs with selective feature use are currently completed in less than 5 minutes.

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