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Amazon Keyword Tool – Identify recent trends

SEM-Tool feature KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) helps you comprehend and find new relevant keywords

To achieve the best possible results for your online marketing strategy you should always consider as many sources and platforms as possible. Underlying is the fact that the better the keyword research and knowledge about the market is, the better results can be expected in your final project.


Imagine you would like to conduct a detailed keyword research to determine branches and areas of expertise that should be covered by your online marketing strategy. Imagine you need data for your elaborate marketing plan. Imagine we can deliver exactly what you need.

Conducting an analysis you will have to deal with various data sources and ask complex questions such as:

Which keywords can be considered relevant? Which combinations are commonly used? Are there seasonal peaks and trends? Are there actually variations you did not consider yet? And last but not least: Are there long tail keyword terms that can and should be included in your considerations?

This is where KITT, our Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool, comes in: As part of SEM-Tool and powered by our famous Manhattan Online Marketing Tools this tool uses the respective platform’s autocomplete feature to combine a query with many different variations. Additionally it combines various data sources to fuel analysis as to how often the keywords have been found, how much it would cost you to advertise and more.

This process allows you detailed insight into markets, branches, environments, popularity and trends.

Amazon Suggest Scraping

So how exactly do we process these queries? As you can imagine we do not want to bore you with detailed elaborations on how everything works on technical base. But we can tell you what the essential process is: Basically we take your entry and conduct a query in the respective platform – Amazon in this case - depending on the variations you chose. The next steps consist of scanning the suggest results administered to us.

After summarizing and aggregating the data we display it in tables that can be processed further.

Many platforms use autocomplete functions that can complete the search term, even before you finished typing it. In many cases the suggest results can help the user to find relevant keyword combinations, even if they are still typing. This process is supposed to present the user with even better search terms to achieve even more relevant results by redefining their search query.

Autocomplete features are often called “suggest”, that is why we label such processes as “suggest scraping”, playing with the keywords and terms as we “grate” and scan them.

Usually suggest results are based on yet another algorithm that assess how often combinations are used. Experience shows that combinations that are most commonly used are more often displayed in the suggest results. So as we do you could see suggest results as indicator for trends and seasons as well as current events.

The desire for data from many different sources that are ever-changing and always fresh we developed the SEM-Tool whose feature KITT provides you with exactly this: Automatically conducted queries and pre-synopsized keywords – fast, professional and simply awesome.

Amazon – Wholesale und valuable data source

Amazon is one of the best known wholesale sites in Europe as well as here in Germany. Operated in Luxemburg the German site is well regarded, but faced a few lurid headlines during strikes in their central warehouses around Germany.

As international company Amazon comprises of many different services, including music, payment services, affiliate programs and publishing business. In recent years Amazon has established own products such as their kindle products and smartphones.

Having abandoned solely selling books Amazon went over to distributing many different products in hundreds of categories and that is exactly why it has become such an inspiring data source for keyword indications, trends and currents.


Independent to source or variation KITT provides you with a decent base for inspirations and detailed insights into your market niche. We deliver data you have never seen or considered before – and of professional quality at that!

All that is left to do is dive deeper into the data and gain the knowledge you can apply to your marketing considerations: No matter if they contain SEO, SEA, Content Marketing or simply market research. In any case you will be able to determine valuable or problematic keywords that should or should not be part of your keyword setup.

You dive deep into the data, we deliver it to you – thousands of combinations, long tail keywords, inspirations, results and more.

Pro Features in KITT

Up until now the queries you conducted were free of charge to a max results value of 500. But we would not be the SEM-Tool Team if we did not have another ace up our sleeves: There are even more features that can be used once you are a registered or a subscription user.

Such functions include for registered displaying other sources and variations as well as enabling export as CSV/XLS.

Subscription users can even access all sources (which include eBay, Google Play, Qwant, Wikipedia, WolframAlpha and many, many more. They will also be able to use all variations, access their search history, and reach limits of up to 5000 max results. Furthermore subscription accounts can utilize features such as related terms, check position and multi keyword input.

Related is a term you might have heard before. What it means is the display of related terms to your query at the bottom of the search engine result page. Usually you can even follow the set links when you click on the related terms. Displaying related terms provides you with even more data – sheer keyword magic, you see.

Next Steps

But there is even more! Using KITT you will be able to access even more sources – especially when using your subscription account - such as the search engines Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, WolframAlpha, DuckDuckGo and Qwant. We also provide data for the platforms Amazon (as you know), YouTube, eBay and Wikipedia as well as Google Play.

To consider as many sources as possible is a recommended process during keyword research. As experience taught us: The more structured your analysis the better results can be expected.

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Nice-to-know: average jobs with selective feature use are currently completed in less than 5 minutes.

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