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Google Play Keyword Tool – Keyword indications derived from suggest results

Gain knowledge about hundreds of keyword ideas and combinations – originated only from suggest results

A basic part of being present on the internet is a so called keyword research which has to proceed all actions in SEO, SEA or content marketing. SEM-Tool’s feature KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) will help you define keywords that are relevant for your product or service and will enable you to gather ideas and combinations you did not consider yet.


You want to launch a game or an application on Google Play and want to make sure it can be found properly on the platform? Or maybe you just want to make sure to have an eye on the market – unattached to any platform, video provider or search engine?

What you need in any case is a detailed data pool for an extensive keyword research that will help you adapt your strategies or plans to recent conditions.

Above all you need to ask yourself the following questions before you even start creating text or any kind of content:

Which keywords are relevant for you and your enterprise? Which keywords have been searched for more often in the past? How is traffic going for some of the keywords? How much would it cost to advertise with predetermined keywords? Are there trends or currents you should consider?

The suggest data delivered by KITT will answer these questions and many more: You will be able to access hundreds or even thousands of keyword combinations that only have to be analyzed and evaluated by you. Enjoy our high quality data, brought to you by KITT!

Google Play Suggest Scraping

As many other platforms do Google Play uses an autocomplete or suggest feature. What we mean by that is a function that automatically completes your query as soon as you start typing. These functions are supposed to offer users other suggestions and combinations to in turn redefine their query to display even more relevant search results. Please note that the specific algorithm can be influenced by current events and daily news.

Here is an example: If a user group searches for a specific combination more often than usual the mechanism will notice the behavior and prefer combinations that seem to be more popular these days.

That means that suggest results are never stagnating, which in turn means they are always changing and – because of their variability – can be considered an interesting data pool themselves.

Basically we use the autocomplete feature to our advantage by entering a keyword, a variation character and scanning the results.

Source and variations are of course up to you – they can be chosen prior to the search.

Google Play– General Information

As part of the Google Inc. Google Play is a platform for games, music, e-books, movies and applications for mobile devices. The previously known services Music, Movies, Books and Android Market were combined in this new platform in 2012.

Google Play offers their users a paying system based on a digital bank account which has to be recharged every now and then. According to Wikipedia the platform also consisted of over 845.000 applications in 2012 of which 18% have been games.

The platform can also be used as a suggest data source since they use an autocomplete function to make it easier for users to find a specific game, book, movie or site.

KITT’s functions and pro features

Up until here every single function we showed you was free of charge – free users can access limited sources, variations, combinations and results – if you want to dive deeper into detail you will have to pay for deeper insight via subscription. Additionally we offer a few more function for registered users that do not want to subscribe as well.

We would not be the SEM-Tool team if we did not have a few more functions for subscribing users: As a pro user you can also access the so called related terms.

Related terms are those keywords at the bottom of a search engine results page that refer to another results page that uses the former related term as search query. And since we know that this function also allows us to have a deep insight into keyword connections we display them for you.

Further sources

And we are still not at the end of all the features we can provide you with: We also offer data for more sources, consisting of even more platforms and search engines – at your disposal as soon as you subscribe.

Among those are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • DuckDuckGo
  • eBay
  • Qwant
  • Wikipedia
  • WolframAlpha
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex

All platforms use a suggest feature that can be utilized to derive valuable data from. Every source has its specialties and quirks and surely offers their own challenges but qualifies as an interesting and valuable data basis – one at a time or all combined: You benefit from the variety of data!


KITT qualifies especially for one purpose: Keyword research. The tool enables you to see dozens or even hundreds of inspirations, indications, long tail terms and combinations – maybe you have not even thought of these yet. Suggest data is extremely interesting – especially because of its variability. Note that suggest results can also mirror trends and currents that may not have been noticed by you otherwise.

In any case you will dive deep into keyword research: We deliver the data – as always fast, high quality and fuss-free. All that is left to do is analyze, interpret and evaluate the data – we are already looking forward to your success!

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