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Qwant Keyword Tool – Find out what users are searching for on Qwant

KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) enables you to take a deep insight into suggest results displayed by Qwant


Your company deals in selling a small stock of shoes online and wants to expand using the channels SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising). Before you are getting started you will have to conduct detailed keyword research to determine keywords that qualify for your SEO or PPC strategies.

Which keywords are rather popular on the respective platform? How much would advertising them cost? Are there keywords you have not considered yet? Are there trends or combinations you did not think about yet?

And that is exactly what our SEM-Tool is for. What does it do? We will show you in the following paragraphs!

Qwant Suggest Scraping using KITT

How can KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) help you researching important keywords?

Well – it is that easy! We scan the results of the respective autocomplete function – search engines use these to offer suggestions for possible completion to redefine the query. When you enter a search term into our form, we go ahead and conduct a query, at the same time using the combinations you chose. The next step consists of scanning the suggest results and aggregating them for you.

By delivering this data we enable you to access thousands of inspirations, trends and indications that can help you draw conclusions about popularity, trends and currents. Furthermore you receive a unique pool of data with hundreds of ideas and combinations. You may not even have thought about these yet!

Just enter the respective keyword, chose source and variation – e.g. the search engine Qwant – and after a few seconds we deliver data about many and more suggestions that only have to be evaluated and interpreted.

Qwant search engine – About

Qwant is a search engine of a French company and makes sure to advertise what makes it different from other search engines: strict privacy guidelines and focus on data privacy. As a search engine should Qwant contains all the crucial functions for its customer niche.

The only difference is how the search results are displayed: They are shown in three different columns, one contains the main search results, the other display news or ads. You can find Qwant in Germany since February 2014 and its search results are considered as good as other search engine’s such as Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing – as a famous German daily newspaper claims.

As of late the search engine also negotiated a cooperation with Firefox OS developers so that future smartphones and tablets will use Qwant as their standard search mechanism. That and more is why Qwant can be considered a reliable source and interesting competitor to usual search engines.

Qwant emphasizes their believe in privacy which became especially obvious during various news reports regarding NSA surveillance. The search engine claims not to save browser data or the user’s personal information. Furthermore they are known not to save IP-addresses which again results in the fact that Qwant does not provide personalized search results.

Your advantages

Using the SEM-Tool, or – more specific – the KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool) feature you can access thousands of inspirations, indicators and long tail terms that have not yet been considered in your plans. Use that knowledge to boost your SEO strategy or to run successful PPC campaigns – based on the data we deliver with SEM Tool technology and the keyword research files you called to existence. Dive deeper into keyword research and find combinations you have never even dreamed of. We would not be the SEM-Tool team if we did not deliver data in the usual quality.

Dive deeper into keyword research and find combinations you have never even dreamed of. We would not be the SEM-Tool team if we did not deliver data in the usual quality.

And the best is yet to come: All this up until now is absolutely free of charge.

KITT’s Pro Features

We would not be what we are if we did not have a few more features for you: As a subscribing user we will give you access to direct search results in Google and Bing and also enable you to display the related terms, to use the Check Position and to enter multiple keywords at once. This provides you with many and more keyword ideas and even more data sources are at your disposal!

As a registered user you can still use 6 different sources, with 2 variations in 3 combinations. Furthermore you will be able to save data as CSV or Excel files.

Almost endless possibilities!

And we are not at the end of all features yet! SEM-Tool also provides you with data for the following search engines and platforms since we can scrape every single site that uses the autocomplete feature – always depending on your account: free, registered or subscribing. Sources can be as follows: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and – of course, as you know – Qwant. Furthermore we can supply you with data for eBay, Amazon and Wikipedia.

The mechanisms work rather similarly: You enter a term, we go ahead and enter the query on the website and then we scan and collect the suggest result data to be displayed for you.

The only thing that is left to do is for you to analyze and interpret the results. We deliver the data – quick, reliable and in the quality you can always expect from us!

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The full feature-set of very broad topics will produce thousands of suggestions and crawl as many search result pages for multiple engines. In that case it can take hours for the job to complete.

Nice-to-know: average jobs with selective feature use are currently completed in less than 5 minutes.

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