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Keyword Parent Keyword Source Appearances Google Results Google Ads Bing Results Bing Ads Google Position Bing Position Keyword Tool – Suggest results lead to success – About the Website is a platform developed to compare products and their prices and has been present in countries all around Europe and America, such as in the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany and Australia. There is one thing that only serves, which is its ability to work with both clients and web publishers alike.

As a user you can go ahead and compare products including their prices and other factors that are being discussed in a sort of online community. The community often provides the user with information and tends to have the appearance of sale consulting or classical experience reports online.

Web publishers on the other hand can join a partners program and profit from individualized shopping solutions which can be implemented into their sites and which can be monetarized.

As so many other platforms we have already talked about also provides a search form which contains an autocomplete or suggest feature that is supposed to help users redefine their request before hitting enter. Suggest Scraping – KITT provides new insight

And again the autocomplete feature is the function that allows us to gain insight into irresistible data sources!

All you do is enter a keyword that you consider important, chose a language, source and variations and after a few minutes you can look at dozens if not hundreds of keyword combinations on your screen.

In the background our mechanisms hum like little bees: We automatically simulate the natural behavior of a user. We go ahead and enter your chosen keyword into the search form of chosen platform and combine it – one after another – with characters (variations). Every time the suggest feature throws results, we scan them, save them and display them for you in the form of a table.

Depending on your settings we also enrich the data with related terms.

Basically speaking every platform that uses said autocomplete feature can be scraped since the function is supposed to help users find a combination which makes their request more relevant. Autocomplete functions are often called “suggest” which is where we derived the term “suggest scraping” from.

Theoretically you could collect this data manually, too. But it would take you much longer and would be much more inconvenient, wouldn’t it? That is exactly why we developed KITT, our little Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool for platforms such as – to collect valuable data that only has to be analyzed and interpreted by you!


Let’s just say you are a businessman or businesswoman who runs a shop which sells cameras or maybe lady’s fashion. Maybe you would like to launch an online shop or a website or start a PPC-campaign for your business. Let’s assume you also conduct a market and competitor analysis before you get started!

In any case: KITT will be a great help to you since you are going to want find out keywords combinations that will be important and that you may not have considered yet. Maybe you don’t want to be positioned to these exact keyword combinations – lesson learned!

Let’s go even further: What if you would like to explore new channels that can be useful to spreading your product or your brand. Or you would like to follow certain trends that tend or tended to influence the market in the past. The possibilities are near endless!

As you know: Success requires knowledge, too!

KITT will help you answer the questions that you have to ask during keyword research. How exactly all of this will work is part of the next paragraphs. So stay put, there’s a lot more to come!

KITT‘s features

By using KITT, our Keyword Tool for and other engines, you can submit one single keyword and in seconds get the results of our suggest scraping.

When talking about features we usually differentiate between free and registered users: related terms (the terms that are features at the end of each results page) and their related terms in turn can only be seen by our registered users. Subscription users can also chose more engines and even more variations, plus having a few more options of exporting their findings.

You can see – it’s worth a registration, it’s worth an account. You will not be disappointed!

More than

Naturally we don’t only provide you with data for Out catalogue contains many different engines that combine interesting data sources with unbeatable indications and inspirations.

We deliver the data, you let yourself be inspired:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yandex
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • Google Play
  • eBay
  • Fotolia
  • Shutterstock
  • Amazon Appstore
  • WolframAlpha
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitter
  • Etsy
  • Ask
  • Pornolaba
  • Pornhub

Let’s take a dive into markets and sources, let yourself be inspired, go ahead and look for new combinations and avoid unwanted klicks and costs in PPC-campaigns which would have been useless since they are not relevant for you and your business.

Obtain information that many of your competitors don’t have and browse through dozens of interesting data points. See you soon!

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Nice-to-know: average jobs with selective feature use are currently completed in less than 5 minutes.

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