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Yahoo Keyword Tool – Identify trends and currents

If you are looking for help in identifying relevant keywords our SEM- Tool Feature KITT (Keywords Ideas Turbo Tool) will help you find them!

The more sources and engines you use and the better your knowledge about the market, the better your keyword research will be. Knowledge is the most important aspect of an online marketing strategy and KITT will provide you that valuable knowledge.


The SEM-Tool feature KITT uses the autocomplete function of different computing platforms, combines your research with different digits/numbers (according to which variation was selected) and evaluates its appearance.

According to the targeted measure or strategy, it is important to know, which keywords might be relevant for you, which combinations do exist and if there are any seasonal peaks that you did not know of before. Are there long tail keywords that you can use for yourself? Or are there any trends to recognize?

After you analyzed different data sources as a part of the keyword research and asked yourself the above-mentioned questions, there is nothing standing in the way of a successful campaign or strategy.

Yahoo Suggest Scraping

“Suggest Scraping” means to derive suggest result data from suggest or autocomplete features. To gain that specific insight we use the autocomplete function of the particular computing platform (in that case Yahoo). Plenty more computing platforms have an autocomplete function at the user’s disposal: With the help of the suggest feature it is possible for us to identify appropriate combinations and to display them for you.

We basically take the term that you entered, combine it with the different variations and scan the suggest results. The KITT (Keyword Ideas Turbo Too) automatically executes queries for hundreds of combinations and displays them in an evaluated form.

Our SEM-Tool works multilingual. That means, our tool can also display combinations and variations of terms from another language, once you selected that particular language. That results in even more combinations and valuable information. As a result you can use more terms, whereby strategy and planning may become more detailed and thus more successful.

Yahoo – web portal and search engine in one

With 700 million users Yahoo is considered one of the largest and most successful web portals and search engines in the world. The headquarters of Yahoo is located in Sunnyvale, California, where the main computer center is maintained.

In addition to the search function, the web portal provides further applications to the user, for instance Yahoo News, Flickr, Mail providing services and their Messenger. Yahoo Sports, with current news about various sports like basketball, golf, tennis etc., currently exists only in the English-speaking areas.

Cracker attacks on Yahoo’s customer data in 2012 caused a stir and critique from media, because the particular database seemed to have been secured nor encrypted enough. Yahoo moreover has to deal with massive marketing movements, among others caused by competition with well-known platforms like Google, Bing and more.


If you need a high quality data basis for a keyword research and thus for your strategy and planning, then KITT is the right tool for you: We deliver the data and you only have to analyze and interpret it. In doing so, we provide you insights into combinations that you may not have thought of before. Then you can apply the gained knowledge to your plans.

No matter if you deal in SEO, SEA, Content Marketing and market research: You can apply your knowledge to all those points to improve not only your strategy but eventually also your positions in the various channels. On your way to your personal online marketing strategy we will accompany and guide you. We provide you with the data – fast, reliable, high quality – you go ahead and analyze them.

Pro Features with KITT

The request of some sources and variations is absolutely free up to this point. If KITT’s free features are not yet enough for you, we offer you even more - the pro features. With those you can gain even deeper insights into the keyword analysis. With the pro features as subscribing user you can for instance display the related results of the term that you entered.

Related Results are those terms that are related with the keyword that you entered and searched for. They are mostly displayed at the bottom of the search engine result page and they contain links to another search engine result page that uses the related term as a search query. If you click on one of the related terms, you will receive search results to that search request and again related terms at the bottom of the page. We observe and follow the first level related terms and offer you a valuable data source for further analysis.

Further steps with KITT

If that is not enough for you, you can use more and other platforms and search engines that also are part of our offer. Beside of Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Wikipedia, as a subscription user you also have access to Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, WolframAlpha, eBay, Amazon and Google Play.

This variety of platforms and sites enables you to conduct a comprehensive data analysis and thus elaborate keyword research. The number of computing platforms, plus the massive detail and different levels of evaluation and the usual high quality of the data allows you to profit from an enormous insight into your keyword environment.

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